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Every Promise shall be Resurrected and Released SUDDENLY!

Every Promise shall be Resurrected and Released SUDDENLY!

God opening a vault

I was praying recently and suddenly realized that the atmosphere in my prayer room was unusually bright. I opened my eyes to look and saw a vision of massive bolts of lightning swiftly moving from one end of the room to the other. I was startled and began to pray about the meaning of this vision and I heard the Father say “Get ready for a surge! A sudden, unprecedented, release of my miracle working power upon the earth! Many have been in a season of grieving for promises that seemed to have been delayed, denied or had died but this is RESURRECTION Season! The surge of my power shall release resurrection in this hour and the deep disappointments that many have felt shall suddenly turn into rejoicing as they see the resurrection and the manifestation of my promises to them.”

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus in this season, there is an acceleration of resurrection power in the earth realm to bring to life promises that may have died prematurely. Angels of Acceleration are now being released in the earth realm to bring about the speedy manifestation of God’s promises over His people. I hear the Spirit of God say that there is now a rapid release, an unusual manifestation of His power and intervention to bring a drastic end to the uncommon battles that many have fought in the last season. There is a new level of His power that is being released in this hour to revive, rejuvenate and re-energize people, families, ministries, businesses that have been in seasons of battles and have faced situations where promises that were spoken over them seem to have died or is dying.” Just like in Matthew 28:2 that speaks about the resurrection of Jesus and the powerful manifestation of God’s power, I heard the Lord say that Every promise that seemed to have died shall be Resurrected, revived and reawakened. “Suddenly there was a great earthquake! For an angel of the Lord came from Heaven, rolled away the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning and His clothes were as white as snow. He is not here, He is risen, just as He said!” I hear the Father say that “This is due season! Say to my people that the moment has come to give birth to the promises that I spoke to you about in the last season!”

The Barriers are Breaking!

After the previous encounter, I began to pray for ministries, families and cities, for the promises of God to be manifested in this season and one day I was praying and I heard the Father very clearly say “Command the bars to be broken!” He immediately reminded me of Isaiah 45:2, “I will go before you and level the mountains. I will smash down gates of brass and cut through bars of iron.” I heard Him say that the Barriers that have hindered the manifestation of promises are now being uprooted. I began to pray this everyday that the bars of iron will break and one day while praying about this, I had a vision of an intense bright stream of light and it seemed to move towards the wall in my room and split it. When I came out of the vision, I heard the Spirit of God say that the barriers are breaking and the walls are coming down! Just like the children of Israel were standing at the edge of their promise and there was a hindrance, a wall that was preventing their entrance into its manifestation, Every wall, every hindrance at the brink of the promises that God has spoken over ministries, movements, businesses, cities, churches, nations; those walls shall come down in this hour as the surge of his resurrection power is being released.

As I was writing the paragraph above, I suddenly had a vision of the hand of the Lord opening up what looks like a vault, a storehouse and I saw a light shining forth from the storehouse and as I watched, this light seemed to begin to permeate the earth and as it came to homes I saw celebration erupting, I saw many families and cities and regions and nations and I see them begin to be full of light, I see homes and many families holding what looks like massive gift boxes in their hands, some are laughing, some are dancing, some are crying tears of great joy. I hear the sound of music, a new, unusual, unprecedented sound of celebration, the dawning of a new day, a new day of answered prayers. As this light is shining from heaven into the earth realm, I sense a great calm; I literally see these beautiful waves, like a beginning to settle on the earth and I instantly know that these are waves of peace. I hear the Spirit of God say that the seasons and cycles of turmoil, tragedy and trauma are coming to an end. The Light of His Glory shall shine upon His people. Many nations shall come to our light and their kings to the brightness of our rising!” see Isaiah 60;

Prepare for the Manifestation of Many Massive Miracles!

I hear the Spirit of God declaring that this is an Isaiah 54 Season! Enlarge the place of your tent! “Lengthen your cords for you will soon be bursting at the seams! Your offspring shall possess nations. Do not be afraid for you shall not be put to shame! Do not fear disgrace for you shall not be humiliated.” “I will show you everlasting kindness”, says the Lord, “My covenant of peace and blessing shall never be broken from you! I will rebuild you and great shall be the peace of your children; your families, your cities, your nations shall be great! No weapon formed against you shall prosper!”

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Jesus holding a basket of miracles!

I heard the Father say “Make room for the manifestation of my promise to you! Praise me in advance for what I have released and declare that it is manifested in the earth realm.” In this Season, continue to declare Isaiah 45 that gates of brass will break and bars of iron shall be cut in sunder and every held up, long awaited promise shall be released over God’s people, over families, cities, territories and over nations. Sadness shall turn to shouts of joy as these massive miracle explosions that shall take place suddenly!

This is our Crossover Season! I declare that you are moving from weeping to reaping, resurrection, repayment, and rapid restoration! This is our celebration season in Jesus name!

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Franziska von Hacht

Good word! May Jesus love and bless you dear sister Agnes! 😊❤🙏

Minnie Carson


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