21 POWER Declarations (eBook)

A Must-Have!

eBook: “21 Power Declarations to BREAK OPEN Your BILLION DOLLAR FLOW” by Agnes Ebedi

This Masterpiece is a Merge of a POWERFUL Declaration eBook, a 25 Day Prophetic Devotional and a Personal Provision Manual.

It has been skillfully created from my expertise built from over 11 thousand hours of coaching now global entrepreneurs and empowering them to become MEGA MULTI-MILLIONAIRES!

The monetary value is a billion times higher than its price but I gift it to you at a very small amount so you can get many, multiple copies and become an agent of transformation to catapult everyone around you into MEGA WEALTH.

When you access this book now you will be holding a harvest of nearly 2 decades of intense study of kingdom wealth and accessing the POWER to get it in your hands.

I PROPHESY that as you Read this Masterpiece, you shall become a BILLIONAIRE in Jesus’ name!

Breakthrough POWER Bundle includes 2 eBooks!

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Breakthrough POWER Bundle! – 21 POWER Declarations [eBook] + 21 Declarations to Unlocking Your MEGA BREAKTHROUGH [eBook]

Get this awesome Ebook bundle of two must-haves at a discounted price, one of them being the BRAND-NEW 21 POWER Declarations! Plus, you’ll also get the best-selling 21 Declarations to Unlocking Your MEGA BREAKTHROUGH!

About 21 Declarations to Unlocking Your MEGA BREAKTHROUGH (E-book):

The Lord said to me while praying for you, “Tell my people that they are stepping into an Era of BREAKTHROUGH!”

As you read these declarations in this Ebook out loud, I am confident that the barriers that hindered the manifestation of your breakthrough shall be destroyed in Jesus’ name! I prophesy that Financial Provision shall be unlocked, marriage and family relationships shall be restored; excellent health shall return to you and your debts shall be cancelled in Jesus’ name!

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