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I declare that a Financial Shift is about to take place in your life!

Hello Breakthrough Partner,

In the last 2 years, We have had over 6 millions dollars in financial testimonies through our ministry. Recently while praying for you, Holy Spirit spoke to me that there is a financial shift about to take place in your life and your financial seed will activate the power of a never ending financial blessing released to you.

I’d like to invite you to become a part of our breakthrough family by becoming a breakthrough partner for a monthly seed of any amount.

All our breakthrough partners have free access to an exclusive Facebook group where I minister to you personally once a month.

As my Breakthrough Partner You’ll also receive my monthly dynamic e-booklets packed with dynamic prophetic declarations for the month completely free to our partners. Your seed will go a long way to assisting us in completing our new ministry assignments.

As my Breakthrough partner, You’ll also receive discounts to all our ministry products and events.

Become a Breakthrough Partner for a monthly seed of any amount!

As you do I declare Malachi 3:10 May a flood of financial blessings be released to you today in Jesus’ name!

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