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The Force of God’s Favor shall Break the Fog of Discouragement

The sudden arrival of my Glory shall take the nations by a storm as a rainstorm of my favor shall be released. I will visit My people with my goodness, I will inhabit their homes with My kindness. I will refill and restore everything that was lost in the past season.

The Storm shall come to a Sudden End!

I saw the twisting funnel of a violently rotating tornado rapidly approaching, but suddenly, it immediately dissipated. The vision »

We are Stepping into an Era of MASSIVE Miracles

I was standing in my living room a few weeks ago and literally heard a…

You shall Breakthrough into 2020 just like a Rocket!

This morning, I was spending some time in worship and was suddenly taken into a…

Your Season of Mighty Open Doors

While in prayer I had a vision of a door barred shut. It seemed like…

The Night Season is Ending

The Father said to me that many have come to the place of birthing but…