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The Spirit of Prophecy
The Spirit of Prophecy (Stream)

In this important stream, Agnes defines “Prophecy” and explores it in depth!

Breakthrough (Video Clip)

Play this short video and arrive at the angle of Breakthrough!

The Spirit of Might causes Breakthrough
“The Spirit of Might causes Breakthrough”

Watch this clip to get the entirety of that statement!

The Spirit of Might 1
Claim this Blessing: “The Spirit of Might”

Play this short video and claim this blessing for yourself!

The Divine Advantage
The Divine Advantage (Stream)

In this stream, Agnes shares about redemption from debt, among other things regarding your Advantage in Christ.

Pioneer The Trailblazer Anointing
Pioneer The Trailblazer Anointing (Stream)

In this stream, Agnes shares about what it means to be a “Trailblazer,” and the powerful anointing that follows it.

sound of revival
Sound of Revival (Stream)

In this stream, Agnes shares about Revival, its roots and meaning.