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September shall be Saturated with Many Sudden Surprises!

September shall be Saturated with Many Sudden Surprises!

September shall be Saturated with Many Sudden Surprises!

Some nights ago, I had a very short dream. In this dream, someone became suddenly pregnant and gave birth to a baby. I was vividly aware of the presence of heavy angelic activity in the dream. When I awoke, I heard the Spirit of God say that the promises that many have been pregnant with for a long season shall suddenly be birthed in September. There is divine empowerment being released to conceive and give birth to that which had been impossible in past seasons. Help is on the way!

September is a month to begin to rebuild. I see the weight of the blessing of God being released upon businesses, ministries and families that had experienced turbulence in the last season. There is a wave of restoration being released; speedy, overnight restoration. Where the enemy had robbed there shall now be massive divine payback. I hear the Father say that in the same way that in Luke 1, Elizabeth received supernatural strength to conceive after she had been called barren for a long season, many had experienced seasons of barrenness in different aspects of their lives but where there had been barrenness, there shall now be birthing as the moment to bring forth long awaited promises has finally come.

September shall be a month where drought shall be replaced by a deluge of blessings, I hear the Spirit of God say “Get into Birthing position.” Elijah heard the sound of the abundance of rain, 1st Kings 18:41 and He got into birthing position to cause the rain to be released in his nation. In the same way, as we position ourselves in prayer, we shall hear the new directions that will activate new provision, new levels of promotion and will unlock long awaited answers to prayers. September shall be a month of heavy angelic activity; there are Angels now being assigned to many to assist in the birthing process. It shall also be a month of many new divine connections as God shall connect many to spiritual midwives to accelerate and propel them into breakthrough. Help is on the Way!

September Shall be your Month of Suddenly’s!

I declare that September shall be saturated with Suddenly’s! I declare Sudden Favor, Sudden Promotion, and Sudden Provision. I prophesy that there shall be sudden answers to long-awaited prayers that shall come to pass in September in Jesus’ name. I declare that September shall usher in your season of many pleasant Sudden Surprises in Jesus’ name!

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