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The Hand of God has Released our Victory!

The Hand of God has Released our Victory!

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I was praying recently and felt compelled to open my eyes and look up. As I did, I was suddenly taken into a vision. In this vision, I saw an immense cloud and a mighty hand coming through the cloud. I instantly recognized that it was the hand of God. As I looked, He handed me a Sword, a Scepter, and a Scroll. When I asked Him the significant of this, He said to me, “Agnes, say to those who have been in a long and difficult battle for the fulfillment of promises that this is the HOUR of VICTORY!” He said “Say to My people, You have found favor with Me! I am extending to you My Scepter of Favor. I am unlocking to you the Scroll of My Word; I am releasing to you My Sword for Victory! The scepter is the weapon of dominion that shall empower you to overrule against and overcome the opposition that had hindered the manifestation of your promises in the last season.” See Psalm 110:2; “The sword is my word in your mouth that shall be like fire and like a hammer that shall smash the rocks in pieces and destroy the barriers to your breakthrough;” see Jeremiah 23:29; “The scroll is the strength of my word. The power of your declarations in this hour of the manifestation of my promise to you shall strengthen your faith. It shall become like a shield to quench the flaming darts of the wicked one.

Many have been in a season of seemingly unending battles but I am fighting for you! Divine Intervention is being released! I am arising in this hour as your Deliverer, your Fortress, your Shield. I shall bring an end to the difficult battles you fought in the last season. I have given you the victory! I am sending to you a supernatural second wind to refresh, renew and strengthen you. Wait on me in prayer and fasting, in study of my word and in worship and I shall renew your strength. I am on a rescue mission to uproot by my power every mountain that had stood against you. I have heard your prayers, I have seen your tears and I have come to save you. I have parted the heavens and have come down for your help. This is the Hour of my Divine Visitation. This is the hour of the revelation of my power. I am equipping your hands in this season to wage war against every opposition and I am empowering your fingers to fight.” see Psalm 144:1.

“As you release my word over the seemingly impossible circumstances, the weight of my word shall rest upon your words and cause them to become like fire and like a hammer that shall shatter the rocks of opposition in pieces and propel you into your promise. Just like in the days of Gideon, when I arose to fight for Him in the face of a seemingly insurmountable, opposing army, I am arising in this hour on behalf of my people to arise and fight their battles to release rapid victory;” see Judges 7:20, “The sword of my word shall be your sword and your sword shall defeat the opposition of the last season and release to you the victory.” “Comfort, comfort my people says the Lord; speak comfortably to her that her warfare is ended and her sad days are gone.” Isaiah 40:1, I declare that the night season that many have felt in the last season is coming to an end and a new day of Victory is here in Jesus name!

The Opposition has been Overturned!

I had a second encounter shortly after that to reinforce the word of the Lord about the Victory being released. In this encounter, I had a vision of a massive Lion. It troubled me in the moment because it did not have the peaceful and strong countenance of the Lion of Judah. As I watched, the Lion was in fierce pursuit of a lady dressed in white. I instantly became aware that this lion was the enemy. 1st Peter 5:8 describes the enemy that prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. In this vision the lion looked winded, like he did not have a lot of strength left.

Initially, the woman did not realize this and her eyes were full of panic as she was running swiftly with the fear of being overtaken. Suddenly, she paused, recognizing the strength she possessed and she made a 180 degree turn. As I looked in utter amazement, she opened her mouth and began to speak the word of the Lord. As she declared the word of the Lord, it seemed like fiery darts being shot at the enemy. The enemy seemed to have underestimated her as He was in hot pursuit and he did not see her victory coming. As she turned around and released her words, it completely destroyed the enemy and I saw Him crumble to the ground like a deck of cards.

I came out of this vision elated! The Father immediately reminded me of a dream I had a few weeks ago where He spoke to me about a Jehu company arising. He said to me that this woman represents the Bride of Christ, the church. Jehu was an anointed King in scripture that defeated Jezebel, someone who attempted to war against God’s people; see 2nd kings 10. I heard the Spirit of God say that His Bride is as a Jehu Army arising and He is expanding our impact to unseat the enemy’s influence from our lives, our families and from entire territories, regions and nations. The fiery attacks against His people and against the pure prophetic word of the Lord shall be defeated. This is the Hour of VICTORY!

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5 Battle Strategies to Activate and Guarantee the Victory

The Father has been speaking these strategies to me in the last few months about the power of our declarations to overturn the plan of the enemy and release the victory. He asked me to share these 5 key strategies to access victory. Firstly, we enter the courts of Heaven with the power of our praise as we petition God on behalf of our families, cities and nations; (psalm 100:4). Secondly, we do not fear but are confident that if we ask anything in His name, He hears us (John 14:14). Thirdly, we release His word to Him in prayer because His word does not return void but accomplishes all that He has sent it to accomplish, (Isaiah 55:11); Fourthly we continue to “strike the ground” in prayer because we know that His promises are yes and amen. (2nd Kings 13:18, 2nd Corinthians 1:20); Fifthly, we celebrate in anticipation knowing without a doubt that God has heard our prayer!

I declare right now in Jesus name that an end has come to every battle against your promise, your family, your finances, your health, your cities and your nations in Jesus name! I declare Isaiah 45 that gates of brass that prevented the manifestation of your promise, shall break in pieces and bars of iron shall be cut in sunder. I declare Micah 2:13, the Breaker, the Almighty God goes before us, we shall break through the gate and go out, The Hand of God has given us the Victory!

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Powerful word from God! I receive it!

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