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Powerful Vision: The Prince of Peace Shall Bring a Drastic End to this Disease!

Powerful Vision: The Prince of Peace Shall Bring a Drastic End to this Disease!

A Vision to Agnes: "The Prince of Peace shall bring a Drastic end to this Disease!"

While deep in prayer Sunday morning about the current global situation, I was suddenly taken into a vision. In this vision, I was standing in Heaven and I saw Jesus. His appearance was bright and very peaceful. As I looked, I heard Him declare “Peace on Earth!” Immediately, a massive army of angels were released into the earth. I instantly knew that they were healing angels releasing victory. Then I heard Jesus say that a drastic end shall come to this disease that has plagued the nations. People shall move from panic to praise as a massive wave of healing shall sweep the globe and restore those that have been impacted by the corona virus.

A positive economic shift is imminent. The tide is turning economically and there shall not be a recession but there shall be rapid restoration. I hear the Spirit of God say that in the spring season, the epidemic shall be replaced by an economic shift that shall take place for the people of God. Many are stepping out of a season of shortage and scarceness into surplus and sudden supernatural financial supply. Some have been through seasons of drought and through fierce financial opposition in businesses and ministry assignments, but as we shift seasons, there is a turnaround coming as God is releasing an unprecedented influx of finances.

The Heavens are open! New, groundbreaking and innovative divine strategies for ministry and marketplace assignments are now being released along with an unprecedented influx of finances. Just like Joseph was faithful in every level of his assignment and was suddenly given divine strategy to positively impact the global economy of His day; I heard the Father say that “many have been faithful in their ministry and marketplace assignments and this is the season of sudden promotion.” Many ‘Josephs’ are arising in this hour that will have language and divine blueprint to transform the economies of their cities and nations. They will have audiences with kings and rulers and see the economies of their cities and nations be positively transformed. In the same way that Isaac had strategy during a time of famine, and was moved into “Rehoboth”, his enlarged place, where God prospered him, made him fruitful, successful and he had favor with Abimelech, a ruler of his day; Genesis 26:22, for the people of God, this is our ‘Rehoboth’ Season. This is the season of enlargement, expansion and an explosion of financial miracles. This is the advent of an economic shift and this is the harvest season for those who had sowed in tears shall now reap with shouts of joy. The Father is unlocking the storehouses and throwing open the floodgates of heaven and there is a release of revenue and resources coming to God’s people. This is the season of financial overflow!

Your Set Time of Recompense and Repayment

I hear the Spirit of God announcing that your season of Recompense and Repayment has begun! This is a season of heavy supernatural activity as God is releasing His angels in response to the prayers of the people of God. I had a vision recently during my time of worship. In this vision, I saw a massive angel and as I looked, the angel raised his voice like a trumpet and shouted “RESTORATION!” Immediately, I saw a large company of angels carrying packages and being released on the earth. I hear the Father say that this is the set time for recompense and repayment for His people. Everything that was lost in past seasons is now being returned a thousand times over.

Recently, I had a recurring intense dream, a few nights in a row. The general theme of these dreams was that each time, there was a battle going on with an enemy who was attempting to break into a building and the people in the building defeated the enemy and recovered what was stolen. In this hour, God is raising up ‘Restorers of Cities and Nations’ like in Isaiah 58:12, they shall rebuild hope in their cities; they shall release peace to their nations. There is now a collective sound being released across the globe by many asking God to restore what was stolen by the enemy and to resurrect promises that died prematurely. This collective sound is breaking open the heavens and we are stepping into an Isaiah 61 season, the year of the Lord’s favor, the season of Jubilee. God’s people shall be debt free! The devourer shall be destroyed, and a deluge of blessings shall be released. The scales are now being tipped in our favor and globally, we shall see a tidal wave of many turnaround testimonies of victory over disease, freedom from fear and financial overflow. Divine relief is coming to God’s people as the season of joy and overflow has begun. This is the set time of favor and increase.

Prophetic Prayer for Protection and Restoration

I declare that the protection of God shall be your portion. May our God protect you from every pandemic and pestilence in Jesus name. I declare that no sickness and no harm shall come to you, your family, your city or your nation in Jesus name. I declare that this spring season shall be full of so much celebration as you tell your turnaround testimonies. I pray that this shall be a season of reaping and a release of new sources of resources and that every need shall be abundantly supplied in Jesus name. I declare Isaiah 45:1-3 as we step into the spring season, the season of surplus and abundance; may God empower you to prosper in Jesus name. I pray an overflow of blessings for your ministry and marketplace assignments.

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May there be a release of an overflowing harvest to you. May the Almighty God level every mountain that had hindered the access to your harvest. This is your season of divine visitation and I declare that God shall answer your prayers for provision and your requests for the release of resources in Jesus name. I pray that excellent health shall be your portion in Jesus name. I declare that every financial drought has come to an end in Jesus name. May He break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in sunder the bars of iron that had blocked the access to your breakthrough. I pray that every mountain of debt is demolished, and the devourer is destroyed in Jesus name. I pray Malachi 3:10, may the Almighty God throw open the windows, the storehouses, the floodgates of heaven and release a deluge, a downpour, a thousand-fold, an overflowing blessing on your ministry and market-place assignments in Jesus name!

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