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Victory Upon A Mountain

I had a POWERFUL DREAM a couple of weeks ago! In this dream, a lot of people and I were in a church building fellowshipping. This building was located on a mountain. Suddenly I felt led of Holy Spirit to step out to the back of the Building. As I did, I saw a HUGE black Animal that looked like a Bull. As it lifted its hooves, I felt an urgency to fight back because I could tell that its intent was to ascend the mountain, attack the building and harm those present in the building.

However, I noticed that there was a divide between the bull and the Building! The divide looked like a long ditch at the bottom of the mountain that the bull could not cross. Immediately the bull lifted its hooves in attempt to cross the ditch, I lifted my hands and power physically began to surge from my hands! It looked like light rays and immediately the bull was pushed back and defeated, unable to rise!

When I woke up, I heard the Spirit of God say that the bull attempting to attack is representative of the attempt of the enemy to attack the church. In the same way the enemy was attempting to ascend the mountain in the dream, there has also been an attack against some believers in the different mountains of societal influence in this season.

Firstly, many in this Season have been attacked in their mountains of influence, in the work of their hands; their business, their ministries, their finances, but I heard the Father say that just like the enemy that was attempting to attack the church, was defeated in this Dream, the attack of the enemy will not succeed in Jesus’ name! In April, God shall bless the work of our hands according to His word in Deuteronomy 28:12; Our Businesses shall be BLESSED! Our Ministries shall be blessed! Our Families shall be BLESSED! Our Finances shall be BLESSED in Jesus’ name!

Secondly, I heard Holy Spirit say that just like in the dream, the enemy has, in this last season, launched out attacks in attempt to silence the church and to hinder the advancement of God’s kingdom in the mountain of government by either pushing for the establishment of ungodly laws in different nations to stifle the TRUTH of the Gospel from being freely released in these nations or to launch a smear campaign and slander against those who are attempting to defend righteousness in government.

In 2nd Corinthians 7:14 the Lord declares that “if my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will heal their land.” As we actively engage the enemy in battle with the weapon of prayer that GOD has equipped us with, our victory against every attack of the enemy is guaranteed in Jesus’ name!

Habakkuk 3:4 states that God’s radiance is as the light. He has rays flashing from His hand and there was the hiding place of His power!” The Father said to me that in this month of April, those that have been attacked in the work of their hands shall NOW see MASSIVE VICTORY in the work of our hands, in our businesses, ministries, careers and in our finances in Jesus’ name!!!


The Father continued to speak to me over the last few weeks that many have felt robbed by the enemy in their finances and other areas of their lives but APRIL shall be a month where the enemy is pushed back and He shall also PAYBACK what He had stolen in Jesus’ name!!! Proverbs 6:31 declares that when the thief is caught, He must payback 7 fold!

Over the last few nights I have had 2 very profound dreams about this POWERFUL PAYBACK that will take place in April! In the first dream these thieves attempted to break into a building, they were caught and had to return EVERYTHING they stole! In the second dream, the thieves kept trying to break into the building but they could not enter! Frustrated, agitated and upset, they gave up and left the building.

When I woke up from the second dream, I heard the Spirit of God say that in the month of April, the recurring afflictions and attacks of the enemy that many experienced in the last season shall come to an end! In Exodus 14:13, GOD declares that “the Egyptians that you see today you shall see them no more again forever.” Every personal attack the enemy launched in the last season shall come to an end in April! The POWER of GOD shall disallow the enemy from attacking our families, our health, our ministries and businesses in Jesus’ name!

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I heard the Spirit of God say that in the fourth month, the fourth man in the fire shall arise on behalf of those who have experiencing the fiery attacks of the enemy and He shall deliver them and these attacks shall come to an end in Jesus’ name! See Daniel 3:25.

Heaven is having heavy conversation about the church in this hour and The Father spoke this scripture to me, Ecclesiastes 8:11-13, “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God but it shall not be well with the wicked.”

I heard the Spirit of God say that He shall begin to expose the plans of the enemy to silence the voice of those that stand for righteousness in government and that the plans of the enemy to silence the voice of the church and truncate the advancement of the kingdom of God shall not prevail in Jesus’ name!!!


In Exodus 4:2, the Lord asked Moses, “what is in your hands?” Moses replied, “a staff” and in verse 17 God said to Moses, “Take this staff in your hands and use it to perform the Miraculous signs I have shown you.” I declare that in APRIL, the work of our hands are blessed in Jesus name! There shall be an influx of Miraculous Financial Breakthrough in our Businesses, Ministries and Families in Jesus name!!! Everything the enemy stole from our hands shall be repaid 7 fold in Jesus’ name!!!

As we also celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus this month, I prophesy that EVERY promise from God concerning our families, our cities and nations, our businesses and ministries and the work of our hands; EVERY PROMISE from GOD that has died prematurely shall NOW be Resurrected and Released to us SUDDENLY in Jesus name!!! STEP INTO VICTORY IN APRIL IN JESUS’ NAME!!!

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Charlene Mibus

Loved that word!! So encouraging in a time of darkness we much remember. God is in control and He always wins and us with Him if we hold on! Thank you for your words from God to us! Amen

Breakthrough Team



Amen hallelujah 🙌
Thank you for sharing this powerful encouragement.
God bless you.

Breakthrough Team

Hallelujah 🔥, God bless you too

Debi Lovell

Thanks for this word. It is so powerful and my spirit totally stands in agreement with this.

Breakthrough Team



Yes!!, I so receive this too!. Thankyou God, for your supernatural help!!!.

Breakthrough Team


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