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This is the Season of Rapid Recompense

This is the Season of Rapid Recompense

I had a very intense dream a few nights ago. In this dream, I was standing in an old-fashioned, brick building with multiple floors. I instantly became aware that the air in the building was so tense you could slice through it with a knife. I looked to see what was taking place and all around me, I saw the faces of many people that I have known for many years; a lot of them were believers. They looked panicked and terrified because some robbers had invaded this building. Suddenly, as we opened our mouths and began to speak the robbers disappeared from the building and all that was stolen was immediately restored to us.

When I awakened, I heard the Spirit of God say that “this is Payback Season!” Many, in this season, have felt robbed by the enemy in their businesses, ministries, families and cities due to the unprecedented circumstances that have taken place across the globe, but I heard the Lord say that He is releasing and activating the force of the blessing that shall now bring a drastic end to the attack of the devourer. “When the thief is found, He must pay back sevenfold, he must give up everything he has” Proverbs 6:31. God’s people are now being released into their season of rest, restoration, reaping, repayment, recovery, and rapid recompense.

An Economic Turnaround is Imminent

I was worshipping at church recently and suddenly saw an immense, massive cloud. As I looked closer, I saw what looked like the shape of a man’s hand coming from the cloud. The Father said to me “announce to my people that there is the roar of the abundance of rain!” Just like in the days of Elijah, where there had been a massive drought in the land and the cloud that was the size of a man’s hand was a sign that indicated the end of a season of drought and the genesis of a season of abundance; the Hand of the Lord is releasing the harvest that had been held up and breaking the force of delay and drought.

The cross has crushed every curse! The tactic of the enemy to bring economic damage to ministries, businesses, cities, families, and nations shall be cut short. In the same way that Isaac reaped a hundred-fold in the same year he planted, during a time of famine, because God was with Him.” Genesis 26:12, the power of the blessing is releasing God’s people into their MEGA harvest season. Many have sown in tears in past seasons but shall now reap with shouts of joy. “Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree. “Things are going to happen so fast, one thing fast on the heels of the other. Everything will be happening at once and everywhere you look, blessings!” Amos 9:13-15.

The next few weeks are very strategic for the release of God’s blessings and His hand of restoration. This is an Amos 9:13 season! Where some had been in a seemingly endless season of delay, many are stepping into a season of acceleration and answers to prayers. “Access has been granted!” I heard a loud, distinct, clicking sound like the sound of a door being unlocked, while praying and immediately, I heard our Father say that “The storehouses of heaven have been unlocked!” “The eyes of the Lord range to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those who are fully committed to Him.” 2nd Chronicles 16:9. The doors have now been unlocked! “Gates of brass are breaking in pieces, bars of iron are now cut in sunder” Isaiah 45, His presence shall propel many out of the pain and problems of the past season into the place of peace, provision, and promises fulfilled, a prosperous place in Jesus name!

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Help is on the Way!

This year, for many, has felt like a woman in labor and the pressure many have felt is the tension of travail. Just like a woman, whose baby is crowning, we are being birth into a season of unprecedented favor. I have had multiple visions recently of a woman giving birth to a baby and I hear the Father say that He is releasing strength to many that have begun to feel weary in waiting for the turnaround moment. HELP is on the WAY! The next few weeks will be marked by heavy, heavenly activity as help is released from Heaven in response to your prayers. A second wind is being released, resurrection power is being activated, to release life to every promise that had died prematurely in Jesus name! Many shall be promoted in this season as “God is crowning this year with His goodness and your pathways shall overflow with abundance.” see Psalm 65:11 in the name of Jesus!

Don’t give up! This is the Moment of BREAKTHROUGH!

I see these golden packages and I hear the Father say that this season, there are “presents in His Presence” and “He shall abundantly supply every need in His Glory” Philippians 4:19 in Jesus name. I declare that as we move into this new season, the Breaker, the one who breaks open the way shall go before us. We shall break through the gate and go out. Our King will lead us, the Lord Himself will guide us” Micah 2:13, in Jesus name. He shall break off the weariness of the past season and move us into seasons of refreshing in Jesus name. Financial Resources shall be multiplied to us in this season in the same way that 5 loaves fed 5000, Matthew 14, in Jesus name. I prophesy that this is the season of rest, restoration, reaping, repayment, recovery, and rapid recompense in Jesus name!

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