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Much More than You Expected!

Much More than You Expected!

Much More than You Expected!

Very recently, while worshipping I was suddenly taken into a vision. In this vision, I saw the Father with His arms stretched out and the gaze in His eyes was full of His loving kindness. Then He said this to me about you, “Agnes, say to my people, that I am about to exceed their wildest expectations!” He said to me that in the same way that He came to Solomon in 2nd Chronicles 1 and gave Him more than He asked for, He released to Him wisdom, wealth, riches and honor, I hear the Father say that the weight of the Blessing that is about to be released upon your life shall be extremely, extraordinarily more than you could ever imagine!

He shall give you the Nations

I heard the Father say that He is accelerating and rapidly releasing to the earth a sudden shift into a season of many answered prayers. Just like He made Abraham, possessor of Heaven and Earth, Genesis 14:19, He is giving entire nations to many that have cried out for their nations and for their cities and for their families. In this hour, Nations shall be born to the Kingdom in a day! I also hear the Father say that we are standing at the cusp of a massive move of His Spirit across the globe and the realm of the miraculous has been activated. Signs and wonders and creative miracles shall be released! He is responding to the cry from the nations for His mercy. Many have said “yes! God, I will go in the capacity that you have sent me; to my family, to my city, to my nation, to the nations of the earth!” I hear the Father say that He shall fund your yes! He shall give to you multiple streams of resources as you step out in this new season of seeing the answers to your prayers for your family, your cities, your nations, and the nations of the earth.

A Rainstorm of Blessings!

As you move into your new season, I declare Isaiah 34:26, “I will bless my people and their homes, I will send down showers in the proper time, there shall be a rainstorm of blessing”; as you ask the Father, may He exceed your expectations in Jesus’ name; may God give you so much more than you expected in Jesus’ name. I activate a release of a deluge, a tsunami, a tidal wave, a flood, a rapid release, a rainstorm of blessings to you in Jesus’ mighty name!

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Zenobia Carson

Sister Agnes you know I am a regular follower of your ministry and hardly miss a chance to feast on the prophetic words that God downloads to you. You might also recall that about three weeks ago, my life was attacked by a major health challenge. I have been working nearly non stop all my life and in this season (I am almost 73) had no intention of slowing down. Well,despite the suggestions of many and an urging of the Holy Spirit, I was in a comfort zone. I was also in a zone of “If I do not do this, what will I be able to do at this age?” I was falling victim to the lies of the enemy concerning worth and goals that are created by God. Anyway, as my healing process continued, I had leisure time to listen to God. I have been working in an office and doing daily tasks that required a lot of adjusting to ongoing crises. On the other hand, I was continuing my writing ministry as well as all the other parts of ministry God has blessed me with. I had long ago asked God if I could just do that part and would anyone pay me for it? Well, I gave it all to God and went in for a meeting on Tuesday August 18th where I was informed that my office job was over. I had been gone too long but that I would still get paid for my activity director position which has actually become a ministry. I will still do Senior Talk with Zenobia, Resident Spotlight and Zenobia Says, in the newsletter and continue to lead the food programs but without the stress of delivery or what has been up to now, a fiasco. Instead, I will be paid rent credit (I live and work here) will access my 401(k) and work only a few hours per week. Sister, this is the freedom I asked for. I can now make progress in many things. As soon as I agreed, God closed the door with a resounding slam while opening several others immediately. Offers from sisters who are willing to help and to sponsor my writing ministry sprang forward. Folks began asking what I would need to get my two unpublished books on the market. Two books that I am certain will bless many. I wanted to let you know that I am healing nicely and no longer stressing . It was not easy to let go. I have worked to take care of my family for over forty years, in and out of marriage, but now, God says, “rest” and remain active in HIS service instead of doing life on someone else’s terms. I am EXCITED for this part of the journey and just want to share with you! Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and love. In Christ, Minister Zenobia

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