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The Camels are Coming!

The Camels are Coming!

silhouette photography of four camels

While praying recently, I was suddenly taken into a vision. In this vision, I saw these huge camels with packages filled with gold strapped to their back. I watched in shock because instead of the typical slower movement of a camel, these were swift in motion like the movement of a team of wild horses. Immediately I heard the Spirit of God say that this is the season where answers to prayers have been expedited. It is an Isaiah 60 Season! “Your heart will thrill with joy because the wealth of the nations shall come to you; riches from around the world shall be brought to you. Vast Caravans of camels shall cover your land bringing gold and proclaiming the praises of God.” Isaiah 60:5-6

I hear the roar of the abundance of rain! I hear the Spirit of God say that the drought has come to an end! California and other parts of the west shall suddenly experience a vast deluge and downpour of rain that shall bring a drastic end to the ravaging effects of the forest fires. This shall be a sign to the nations of a rapid shift in seasons. Where many had experienced seasons of scarceness and lack, the sound and sight of this massive downpour of rain in the natural shall indicate the genesis of a shift of seasons from lack to abundance in Jesus name! We lift up our voices with a united sound and declare “Let it rain!” in the name of Jesus!

camel standing on desert
credit: Yana Yuzvenko

Expedited Miracles shall Break Extreme Delay

While interceding for the nations, I heard the Spirit of God say that many have been burdened under the weight of extreme delay, but a sudden end is coming to this delay that many had experienced. The power of God is swiftly breaking the burdens that many had carried in the last season. Isaiah 10:27, “It shall come to pass in that day that the burden shall be taken off your shoulder and the yoke from off your neck and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”

I had a vivid dream that confirmed this recently and after I woke up, a massive miracle took place in my life where 16 years of delay was suddenly broken. In this dream, I was standing at the back of a very long line and as I watched, to my utter amazement and surprise, I was suddenly catapulted to the front of the line and my request was immediately granted.

When I awakened, I began praying about the meaning of this dream and while praying, I heard the Father say this, “Say to my people that Expedited Miracles shall Break Extreme Delay!” Very shortly after this, a prayer request that I had being presenting to the Lord for 16 years was suddenly answered.

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I heard the Father say that in the same way that Daniel had been lifting up His nation for 21 days and the enemy fought against the release of the answer but suddenly, there was a supernatural conquest, His power was rapidly released and completely vanquished the enemy, Daniel 10; believers all over the world have been lifting their voices in prayer for situations that had seemed stagnant and over seemingly insurmountable difficulties. God is saying to His people just like He did to Daniel, through the Angel, “You are treasured by God and your prayers have been heard” Daniel 10:12. I hear the Spirit of God say that all across the globe, your prayers have been heard! your cities shall once again overflow with abundance; the end shall come to every disease and you and your nations shall prosper and be at peace.

A Declaration to unlock a Season of Financial Overflow

I declare that this is your Season of Expansion and Massive Explosion of Miracles in Jesus name. May the Almighty God anoint and empower your hands to acquire wealth in Jesus name! Extra ordinary financial blessings are, right now, being released from heaven to finance the mega revivals and the great harvest of souls that is about to take place across the globe. There is a divine wealth transfer taking place right now. The righteous shall be blessed with financial overflow in Jesus name. I declare Deuteronomy 1:11, may God increase you a thousand times more and bless you as He has promised in Jesus name. May God exceedingly and abundantly bless you above all you can ask or ever imagine in the name of Jesus!

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David Macdonald

Awesome word of confirmation woman if God, thank you Agnes for this word.

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