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Mighty Lion Roaring

I was sitting at church on Christmas Day enjoying worshipping the Lord when I was suddenly taken into a POWERFUL VISION! In this vision I saw a HUGE Fierce looking Lion! As I looked in AMAZEMENT, I saw it’s large, long Mane and after this, I was drawn to the Lion’s mouth!

In the Lion’s mouth, there was a MASSIVE Blue Globe and on the side of this Globe I saw a large, long, sharp, sword. Then I heard it! The loudest sound I ever heard! It was the sound of the Lion’s ROAR! As I watched, the Lion continued to ROAR! I watched in utter Amazement and immediately came out of the vision!


As I reflected on the meaning of this vision, the Father began to speak to me very clearly about its meaning! Hosea 11:10 describes the Lord as a Lion. It states “They will walk after the Lord, He will ROAR like a Lion, indeed He will Roar! I heard the Father say as we move into 2023; He is releasing His Roar over the Globe to bring about a MASSIVE SHIFT in the Nations and in the lives of His people!

The Sound of many waters, the voice of the Almighty God, the ROAR of the King of Kings shall bring an end to the War that the enemy has waged against God’s people. The ROAR of the Lord will enforce the release of our Recompense, Restoration, Relief, Repayment and Revival!

I heard the Spirit of God say that many have experienced seasons in 2022 where they felt robbed by the enemy through the delay of the manifestation of divinely scheduled promises. Just like in 2nd Kings 7:1-10, at the Birthing of Israel’s VICTORY, at the end of their famine, God caused the Aramean army to hear the sound of chariots horses and a large army and this caused them to flee in fear, the release of the ROAR of the Lord is going to cause the enemy to flee in fear as we go in to possess our BREAKTHROUGH, our long awaited promises, in the beginning of 2023!


As the Father continued to speak to me about our BREAKTHROUGH in 2023, He reminded me of an open eyed vision that I had when I was praying in my room some time ago. I was deep in worship one day and was SUDDENLY taken into a POWERFUL OPEN EYED VISION! In this vision, I was in my living room and it looked like it was covered in a white bright cloud. As I looked, I saw several angels holding long swords and they were breaking open the walls in my living room.

The Father reminded me of this vision as He declared to me that the ROAR of the Lord is the SWORD of His Word! He is NOW placing His Word in the mouth of His people and His word in our mouths shall be “as FIRE and like a Hammer that Breaks the Rocks in Pieces!” – Jeremiah 23:29.

I heard the Spirit of God say that as we put His words in our mouth and declare it over seemingly impossibilities we shall see instant TURNAROUND take place in Jesus name!!! This ROAR shall move the church into an Isaiah 45 season! It will Break in pieces gates of brass, it will cut in sunder bars of iron, it will shatter EVERY barrier that has hindered the release of our BREAKTHROUGH.

Isaiah 66:6 declares Hear that uproar from the city, A sound from the temple! It is the sound of the Lord rendering recompense, repaying his enemies for all they deserve. I heard the Spirit of God say “Announce to my people that the BREAKTHROUGH has already taken place in the realm of the Spirit! I am moving in them in the start of the new year as my conduits to release the ROAR of VICTORY in their lives, their families, their cities, regions and nations. The enemy has been speaking loudly releasing threats of what is about to take place in the nations but He is NOT the Lion. 1st Peter 5:8 states that the enemy roams about AS a Lion, but He is NOT the Lion! I am raising up my Sons and Daughters as Lions and Lionesses to release the ROAR of my Word, to birth the Victory through the Sword of my word!


There is a Massive Battle going on in the Spirit right now and the Roar of the church will release the Sword of Victory! When Job was been ushered into His season of Restoration after a very difficult season, God gave Him this POWERFUL TOOL! The Lord said to Him, “Have you commanded your morning that it might take hold of the ends of the earth and shake wickedness out of its place?” Job 28:12-13, We can decide and determine what will take place in our new year by commanding our morning, the morning is significant of the beginning of the new year. We command our morning by beginning to declare the Word of the Lord over seemingly impossible circumstances and commanding them to turn around in Jesus’ name!

I heard a minister say recently “when your destiny is being decided do not keep your mouth shut”, Esther 4:14 states “for if you remain silent at this time relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from somewhere else but perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.”

As we release the ROAR of the Word of the Lord we shall see a SHIFT take place in our lives. Proverbs 18:21 declares “The power of death and life in our tongue” As we engage the weapon of the sword of the spirit, As we release our ROAR, it shall usher in the restoration of everything the enemy has stolen from our lives! it shall invade and bring down demonic systems and structures of corruption in our cities and nations, it shall birth revival in our churches and homes in Jesus’ name!

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How do we Roar?

We locate the sound of our ROAR through the source of the scriptures pertaining to the situation where we are wanting to see change. We can find where the language of our roar is written in the word of God. For example, If we are wanting to see provision released in our lives, we declare Philippians 4:19 that God supplies all our need! We also declare Psalm 23:1, God is our Shepherd, we shall not want!

If we are wanting to see godly leaders raised up in our cities and nations, we can declare proverbs 29:2, “when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice,” and we can begin to ROAR out of that Word and say Father we declare that righteous governance is established in our land in Jesus’ name! The ROAR is our Divinely inspired declaration of the WORD of GOD! I declare that as we ROAR, we shall see the seemingly impossible situations OVERTURNED in Jesus’ name!!!


As we move into 2023, do not keep silent! Release your ROAR! Declare the word of the Lord! ROAR and see promises that have died prematurely be released SUDDENLY! ROAR and BREAK EVERY RESISTANCE to your IMMEDIATE catapult into BREAKTHROUGH! ROAR and see RIGHTEOUSNESS be Established in Systems of Government! ROAR and Express your Expectation of what MUST TAKE PLACE in your life in 2023!

ROAR and Command a PAYBACK! A Rapid Recompense of Everything the enemy has stolen from you! ROAR and Release REVIVAL in the church, our cities our families, our nations, our businesses, our spheres of societal influence, our families!

ROAR and bring an end to the WAR that had been raging against the fulfillment of God’s plan and purpose for your life! ROAR and RELEASE your BREAKTHROUGH in 2023 in Jesus’ name!!!

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AMEN AMEN AMEN!! Thank you so much for this word I am standing with my ROAR daily for breakthrough and miracles to begin now! Bless you, Agnes and all on here.

Breakthrough Team

Glory to Jesus! God bless you, I join my faith with you and declare that you have an exceeding breakthrough and miracles. Amen!

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